breo iDream 5S

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All-in-one massage to your head, eyes, and neck.

Upgraded with Breo-patented technologies, iDream 5s applies shiatsu massage to your scalp, sophisticated heating and air compressed massage to your eyes, and at the same time non-invasive kneading massage to your upper neck. The combined benefits from these massages together is a more restful sleep.

Acupoint-kneading massage brings deep relaxation.

The 150 nodes of iDream 5S apply a non-invasive kneading and shiatsu massage to a wider range of the center scalp area, effectively melting away your brain strain and fatigue so as to help the body unwind and promote sleeping.

Size-adjustable helmet and removable Goggles.

This massage helmet can be easily adjusted to fit in. Meanwhile, the goggles can be removed so that you can even enjoy the iDream5s while working, reading or watching a movie.

One-touch operation.

iDream 5S is super user-friendly. One-button switch allows you to activate a nice massage simultaneously to your scalp, eyes and neck.

Made of upgraded fine leather.

The replacement of the previous cloth cover of the airbags with cutting-edge protein leather, which is a softer, more durable alternative, definitely adds the comfort and joy of your massage experience.