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Gentle and relaxing massage for sensitive eye area. 

The sensitive areas around your eyes are gently kneading-massaged with warm heat and peaceful music to eliminate eye fatigue and reduce black circles. The delightful experience leads to pressure reduction and a more restful nape or sleep.

Upgraded model with lower noise.

With more precise ergonomic designs, iSeeM better fits western customers; after the chip and program are upgraded, its operation noise is greatly lowered and the heating time is shorted while heat is adjustable from 42 to 47 ℃.

Massage easily customized with App.

In addition to the 3 built-in modes, there is an option to customize the eye massage with our app. By installing the "breo" application on Google Play Store or Apple Store and connecting the massager with your mobile phone, you can easily adjust the volume of music, pressure intensity and heat.

Light and 180° fordable, thus portable.

Weighing only 275g and can be forded in half, this nicely designed eye massager is so portable that it can be a secret in your backpack or handbag.It is a quick way to relax and keep you refreshed in office, and also a good companion for business trip and traveling.