Breo mini massage gun

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Aircraft aluminum, minimalist and refined

Aviation aluminum and CNC precision processing technology create an integrated and exquisite appearance, taking into account both appearance and texture.

Fit and comfort grip

A continuation of the classic short T-shape with an ergonomic design. Curved to fit the palm for a comfortable grip Easy one-handed operation for massaging the whole body.


Small and light, built for portability

With a body of only 220 grams, it fits in your pocket on the go. The personal masseur is everywhere.

Four-speed settings for different massage needs

1st gear: About 2000 rpm, muscle wake up
2nd gear: About 2400 rpm, muscle relaxation
3rd gear: About 3000 rpm, deep massage
4th gear: About 1700~3000 rpm, circulatory physiotherapy.

Intelligent massage, precise care

In addition to the flat head that comes with the main unit, it is also equipped with three professional massage heads to bring a different massage experience and precisely relax each muscle.
Flat head: massage flat major muscle groups on the back
Cone head: percuss deep tissues like meridians and acupoint, etc.
U-shaped head: massage at the neck (not cervical vertebrae) and Achilles tendon
Spherical head: relaxes large muscle groups and soft tissues.

Simple operation

Two-button control, one-hand operation, stop at the press of a button.