breo Scalp mini Pro

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Scalp massage helps with relaxation and better cleaning of scalp.

The 4 massaging heads, made up of 96 soft silicone nodes, applies gentle and balanced kneading to activate blood circulation of scalp and reduces tension and stress. Three modes - low speed, high speed and changing speed - meet your varying needs and moods. It helps to better clean your scalp when used in shower.

Ergonomically-designed and waterproof.

Armed with ergonomic designs, Scalp mini Pro is easy to hold. Up to the IPX7 waterproof standard, it can be used even in a shower. The compact scalp massager enables you to clean your scalp better with joy. 

Food-grade silicon nodes.

Made up of soft and high-quality silicon nodes, the Scalp mini Pro is initially designed for scalp, but it applies to other body parts as well.

Travel-friendly and pet-friendly.

Weighing only 320g, Scalp mini Pro can be a secret in your pocket, travel-friendly and easy to carry, providing you with comfortable scalp massage anytime and anywhere. Also, it turns out to be very popular with pets, like cats.